Who We Are

First and foremost we are part of the fitness and wellness community. Our founders combine 16 years of NFL experience and a career in medicine and they live fitness and nutrition every day.

It is our mission to bring you real nutrition to fuel your workouts and your life.

The Shakes

Choose from a macronutrient rich meal replacement, a low carb 100% whey protein isolate, 100% all natural protein or a mass maker. The Shakes are made with almond milk, skim milk, fresh brewed espresso, 100% all natural juices or alkaline water. Sweeten with all natural honey or agave. Low fat all natural peanut butter, greek yogurt and more. No turbinado added ever. No sherbet or purees. We don't really even know what those are.....

The Wraps and Bowls

Only premium ingredients. Made with lean grilled chicken, grilled steak, brown rice, toasted whole wheat wraps, grilled veggies without any surprise sauces or dressings. Dial up exactly how many egg whites or yolks you want in your wrap or bowl to meet your nutritional goal and taste preference. Protein fortified all natural bagels, protein oat meal, protein pancakes and more.

The Supplements

We are committed to bringing you rock bottom internet prices on every product, every day in our stores and on the web. Over 5,000 top brand products available to you. If it is not in the store , find your product on the kiosk or web site and have it shipped to the store (at no shipping cost) or shipped to your home. Free, truly unbiased fitness expert consults available to help guide you to the right product for you.

The Kiosk

We know all about our ingredients, we want you to know all about them too. So we made a build your own kiosk for you to see every ingredient in your order. Your shake, Your whey. Your bowl or wrap with the exact ingredients you want.

Helping you eat clean and train dirty