Believe it or not, Ryan’s first introduction into sports was on the soccer field. Playing soccer between the ages of 6-13 enabled Ryan to develop the necessary foot speed, quickness and endurance that would transfer directly over to the Gridiron. When Ryan entered high school, he hung up the shin guards and soccer cleats for a pair of shoulder pads and a helmet. As Ryan’s body matured coupled with hours spent in the weight room Ryan, combined with his agility from the soccer days he emerged as one of the counties top linebackers earning him a full scholarship to Appalachian State University. After gaining almost 20 lbs per year he was moved from linebacker to defensive tackle. While still maintaining linebacker speed and tipping the scales at 310 lbs. Ryan earned Team MVP, 1st Team All-Conference and 1st team All-American his senior year getting him signed as a free agent to the Tennessee Titans. After a short stint with the Titans Ryan stuck with the Atlanta Falcons until he was released due to severe neck trauma which resulted in a removal of a spinal tumor and a 5 disc fusion of his neck. After being forced to retire Ryan quickly found a way to feed his competitive juices by trading in his football helmet for a pair of posing trunks and found his new love in Bodybuilding. Ryan has started from the bottom and has now been competing at the National level for the past few years in hopes of earning his pro-card and being one of the only few professional athletes in 2 different sports.